The Diploma in Integrative Counselling - Year 2

(Year 2 of BSc (Hons) Integrative Counselling)

This year is comprised of twelve weekends and four separate seminar days. It is for people who have completed the Matrix foundation course, or an equivalent training and who may be seeking one or more of the following:

  • Personal development of self and relationships
  • Further development of refined counselling skills in the course of their work
  • Further training as a counsellor
  • Employment as a counsellor
  • University credits and a second year of training of a BSc (Hons) degree in Integrative Counselling.

Entry requirements:

  • Must be 24 years of age
  • Completion of the matrix foundation course or the equivalent of at least 60 hours of skills training
  • Can show learning ability to work at a Higher Education level 1-2 i.e. show an ability to develop a rigorous approach to the acquisition of a broad base of knowledge and skills, make reasoned judgements and direct own learning
  • One character reference and one professional/academic reference

At interview the applicant must show:

  • Motivation and commitment to learning and self development
  • The ability and willingness to cope with the academic and experiential components.
  • Commitment to work to ethical standards of supervision and anti-oppressive practice

Training methods include:

  • Discussion time
  • Experiential exercises
  • Didactic teaching
  • Role play
  • Practice in small groups
  • Skills practice

Written work includes:

  • Personal learning journal
  • 2 essays
  • Written self assessment
  • Case study
  • 20 minute presentation

Counselling practice and supervision:

Students will be expected to be already in counselling practice or about to start. The Matrix low cost counselling may be available for some who are having difficulty finding clients. BACP supervision requirements are one and a half hours per month. Matrix recommends one hour of supervision fortnightly during training.

Successful completion of the course is achieved by:

  • 80% attendance
  • All written work at pass level
  • Completion of 100 hours of supervised counselling practice
  • Completion of 35 hours of personal therapy hours
  • External assessment interview

On completion of this year most students choose to continue into the Advanced Diploma.